Thorncombe Woods, Puddletown, Dorset

22nd May 2016
In: News
Thorncombe Woods, Puddletown has now exploded with colour after the recent changeable weather and the canopy is now thick with lush green leaves. The moss on the trees is also a vibrant green and this image was taken after the heavy rainfall the night before so everything was still damp. This helped to bring out the browns in the woodland paths and the tree bark and darken the peaty soil. I decided to wait until mid morning so there was plenty of light from above to backlight the canopy and a cloudy sky also helped the lighting. The bluebells are still around in other parts of the woods, but past their best now, but Spring is nearly over as we move towards June and the start of the Summer. Our dog loves it in these woods and we always finish off a walk with a welcome coffee in the National Trust cafe and free dog treats.... in fact she knows all the short-cuts now to get to the cafe as soon as possible.