Winterborne Came Rape Seed

09th May 2015
In: News
I walk the dog in these fields every morning rain or shine and have been planning to take this view when the rape seed was in full bloom this year. I've been waiting for the right conditions as needed a blue sky with white fluffy clouds and wind. I needed the clouds to cast shadows across the fields on a sunny day and create pockets of light, and the wind blowing through the rape seed. I used a neutral density filter to allow me to shoot with a 0.3 second shutter speed to show movement in the rape seed. Any slower and the rape seed would have shown as a complete blur and not the effect I was looking for. A week later and most of the yellow flowers had gone and the rape seed pods have taken over as the crop ripens. It will probably be another 3 years before the rape seed returns to these fields and probably back to barley, so I had to get the shot this weekend.